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KSHP- High Pressure Knife Gate Valve


VAYCOM KSHP series knife gate is designed for high working pressures, PN16, PN20 and PN25 as standard, and PN40, PN64 and PN100 as special. It is a bonneted type of knife gate valve to ensure the complete tightness in high pressure conditions. Flanged type of connection for different standards.

KH - High-pressure knife gate valve

Standard Design

EN1092 PN10 / DIN PN10
ASME B16.5 (class150) / ANSI150
(Other available under request).


  • Standard: PN16 / PN20 / PN25
  • Standard: PN40 / PN64 / PN100


From DN80/3” to DN1000/40”. Other available under request.


Body: WCB / CF8M (other like DUPLEX or SUPERDUPLEX).
Bonnet: WCB / CF8M (other like DUPLEX or SUPERDUPLEX).
Gate: AISI304L / AISI316L (other like DUPLEX 2205 or SUPLERDUPLEX 2507 on request).
Gasket: Synth+PTFE, Graphite, O-ring.


Metal/Metal, EPDM, NBR, Viton, PTFE, Silicone.


Handwheel, Gearbox, Chain wheel, Pneumatic double acting, Pneumatic simple acting, Hydraulic and Electric.


Water treatment / Water distribution / Pumping stations / Oil& Gas / Paper and pulp / Thermoelectric plants / Mining / etc.


Charged fluids / Pumping systems / Slurries / etc.

Accessories and options

Defector, reinforced socket, cleaning holes, limit switches, Solenoid valves, Emergency systems, Connection boxes, Extensions, etc.

KSHP- High Pressure Knife Gate Valve

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