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KTL- High Performance Through Conduit Knife Gate Valve


VAYCOM KTL High-Performance Knife Gate Valve is manufactured in cold rolled metal. It is a bidirectional valve with two fully mechanised wafer-type half-bodies, allowing the gate to slide inside the body without any friction. The standard flange is drilled according to DIN PN10 or ANSI150 (others on request), and the gate is made of stainless steel. The gate is polished and edged on both sides improving useful life of gaskets and rubber seats. The valve primary function is to cut off existing fluid into the system which generally has a high percentage of suspended solids.

KT - VAYCOM’s through knife gate valve

Standard design

EN1092 PN10 / DIN PN10
ASME B16.5 (class 150) / ANSI150
(Other available under request).


  • DN50 to DN250: PN10
  • DN300 to DN400: PN6
  • DN450: PN5
  • DN500 to DN600: PN4


DN50/2” to DN600/24” (bigger diameters available on request).


Body: S275JR / AISI316 (other like DUPLEX or SUPLERDUPLEX available on request).
Gate: AIS1304L / AISI316L (other like DUPLEX 2205 or SUPLERDUPLEX 2507 available on request).
Gasket: SYNT+PTFE, Graphite, O-ring.


Metal/Metal, EPDM, NBR, Viton, PTFE, Silicone.


Handwheel, lever, gear box, chain handwheel, pneumatic, hydraulic and electric actuators.


Pulp and paper / Thermoelectric stations / Mining.


Solids / Contaminated fluids / Pulp and paper / Sludge / Slurry / etc.

Accessories and options

Deflector cone, reinforced socket, scraper, V-shaped or 5-sided passage, flushing holes, emergency handwheel, limit switches, proximity switches, solenoid valves, filters, emergency systems, junction boxes, extension stems, etc.


KTL- High Performance Through Conduit Knife Gate Valve

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