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KQ- Square Knife Gate Valve


VAYCOM KQ series square and rectangular knife gate valves are usually used for unloading silos and tanks to discharge of solids or powders. The KQ series knife gate valve is of mechanically-welded manufactured.
It is a flanged type of knife gate valve and its design can be adapted to the needs of a particular application (square or rectangular) according to the installation.

KQ - Válvula de guillotina cuadrada

Standard Design

EN1092 PN10 / DIN PN10
ASME B16.5 (class 150) / ANSI150
(Others available).


  • PN1 up to PN4, depending on size.


From 150×150.


Body: S275JR / AISI304L / AISI316L; others upon request.
Slide: AIS1304L / AIS1315L; others upon request.
Gasket: SYNT+PTFE, Graphite, O-ring.


Metal / Metal, EPDM, Viton, Silicone.


Handwheel, lever, gear box, chain handwheel, pneumatic, hydraulic and electric actuators.


Pulp and paper / Cement industry / Mining industry / Food industry.


Unloading silos / Storage hoppers / Powders / Food industry / etc.

Accessories and options

Deflector cone, reinforced socket, scraper, V-shaped or 5-sided passage, flushing holes, emergency handwheel, limit switches, proximity switches, solenoid valves, filters, emergency systems, junction boxes, extension stems, etc.

KQ- Square Knife Gate Valve

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