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In water treatment and hydroelectric plants, it is essential to have high-quality and high-performance solutions. The wall gates and channels offer excellent tightness and resistance to different pressure levels.

We explore the features and benefits of VAYCOM wall dampers, the materials used and the options available to suit the specific needs of each project.

VAYCOM Penstocks or Sluice Gates

The hydraulic gates are designed according to the measurements required by the client, they can have square or rectangular sections, providing a versatile solution for various applications, such as water treatment and hydroelectric plants. They are composed of a frame or frame and a sliding gate.

PW17 – Bidirectional Wall Penstock Gate

The VAYCOM PW17 wall penstock gate is a gate considered standard within the range and stands out for its ability to work bi-directionally for pressures not exceeding 2mca.

The VAYCOM range of dampers complies with DIN 19569-4 and AWWA C561 standards and upon request, dampers that can withstand pressures of up to 6 mwc (meters of water column) or even 10 mwc are designed and manufactured.

VAYCOM penstock gates are manufactured using stainless materials such as AISI304L and AISI316L, which offer excellent corrosion resistance. In addition, other materials such as DUPLEX 2205 or SUPERDUPLEX 2507 can be requested upon request.

Applications and Sectors in Water Treatment

These wall gates are used in different sectors related to water treatment, such as treatment plants, water distribution, dams and other projects. Thanks to their robust design and quality, wall dampers provide exceptional performance.

Accessories and additional options of the PW17 Bidirectional Wall Penstock Gate

To meet the specific needs of each project, different components can be adapted to VAYCOM wall gates such as; extensions, wall ties, extensions, motor mounts, etc. In this way, we can adapt the gates to the technical and operational requirements of each application.

VAYCOM offers personalized and high-performance solutions for water treatment, as well as other projects such as water treatment plants, desalination plants, etc.

VAYCOM wall gates are the perfect choice to guarantee efficiency and safety in water management.

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