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Introducing our KS Knife Gate Valves in Stock

Knife gate valves play an essential role in the world of engineering and construction, ensuring efficient and safe operation in a wide variety of applications. From Vaycom Engineering, we would like to introduce you to our KS Unidirectional Knife Gate Valves stock and...

Advantages of Vaycom KS Knife Gate Valves in the Industry

In modern industry, efficient and reliable systems are essential to ensure optimum process performance. In this context, knife gate valves have become a popular choice for controlling fluids and granular solids in pipes and pipelines. Advantages offered by the VAYCOM...

First shipment of SPECIAL VALVE

V KSDT DN200 AISI316L (Bidirectional Double Gate Knife Valve). Valve designed with quick closing requirements for the Paper Industry.


VAYCOM has just shipped 12 pieces of KQ series 325×450 in 316L for Asian Southeast