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Vaycom Engineering Product Certification

Product certification: Slurry Valve Model KM in sizes DN150, DN200, DN250 and DN300 with the corresponding rubber sleeves and packing glands for each size.

Vaycom Engineering: The Importance of Industrial Valves

Industrial valves are devices used to control, regulate or direct the flow of fluids (gases, liquids, and slurries) in pipelines and process systems. They are used to start, stop, throttle, and regulate the flow, pressure, and temperature of the fluid. They are...

Valve World 2022

Very intense and interesting fair. We had the opportunity to make new contacts and see the latest developments and novelties in the industrial valves sector. We are looking forward to next edition!


VAYCOM has just shipped 12 pieces of KQ series 325×450 in 316L for Asian Southeast