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In modern industry, efficient and reliable systems are essential to ensure optimum process performance. In this context, knife gate valves have become a popular choice for controlling fluids and granular solids in pipes and pipelines.

Advantages offered by the VAYCOM Engineering KS model knife gate valves

1. Design and Quality:

The KS model is a cast iron monobloc knife gate valve that offers high strength and durability. It is designed to withstand demanding operating conditions, including corrosion, abrasion and aggressive chemicals. Its robust construction and the use of high-quality materials ensure a long service life and reduce long-term maintenance costs.

2. Opening and closing:

By means of a guillotine/slider and seal system, a knife gate valve is offers precise shut-off of the flow of fluids with granular solids in suspension, guaranteeing 100% tight shut-off. The knife gate is guided, which reduces wear during the opening and closing manoeuvre, increasing the service life of the valve. This feature is especially useful in industries that require meticulous control, such as wastewater treatment, mining and the chemical industry.

3. Knife gate valve with airtight seal:

The knife gate valve is designed to ensure 100% tight shut-off when fully closed. The knife gate is usually made of AISI304L or AISI316L stainless steel.

In the manufacturing process, the knife gate is polished on both sides and the edges are rounded, which prolongs the service life of seals and gaskets. This seal helps to prevent cross contamination in applications where separation of different fluids within the same line is required.

4. Chopper valve applications:

The Vaycom Model KS is a versatile knife gate valve that fits a wide range of applications.

Its wafer design makes it easy to install between flanges. The most common flange standards are DIN PN10 and ANSI150, others can be manufactured on request. This makes it suitable for a variety of sectors such as waste management, mining, food processing, water treatment and the chemical industry. Its ability to handle different types of media, including liquids and granular solids, makes it a reliable and adaptable solution.

5. Easy assembly and maintenance:

It stands out for its ease of installation and maintenance. Its monobloc and compact design facilitates its assembly in the different existing installations. Its new handwheel actuation system improves the useful life of the assembly and facilitates the opening and closing of the valve as less force is required to operate it.


With a team of over 25 years of experience in the industry, VAYCOM knife gate valves offer design and performance to match their quality. For any questions about capacities, measurements, pressure, do not hesitate to contact our team.